Financial freedom university – the day after

I just spent 3 days with a lovely bunch of freaks. I’m not normal in my frugal life, I know this as when I talk to anyone about Finance they just glaze over. So to get to spend my time with “others just like me” is always a joy, talking money and finance and business and success. We spent time learning about what we value and what we focus on, what we feed to give our juicy life meaning. I got to play a bongo drum within an orchestra of other ffu’ers teaching me that I can’t do this thing called life all by myself, I need a team around me to make the best kind of music.

I love to invest my money in my education, travelling and ETF’s.

I’m learning how to spread bet which is a massive learning curve, mostly its about mindset and teaching my brain to not react in the flight or fight mode when my share price falls, it’s not about winning and losing, its about pattern recognition and risk management.

I’ve always been a saver, but after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and Transforming Debt into Wealth 12 years ago, my life changed. I remortgaged my home and bought an investment property, I set up our family budget for monthly expenses and set to work sticking to my plan. I was determined to be free of debt and earn income from assets instead of trading my time for money. It was a a-ha moment. 2 years ago I became debt free including my mortgage, I’d achieved my goal in 10 years. These last 2 years of no money worries has been life changing. I have an emergency fund, which meant that when my husband hurt his back last year and had 6 weeks off work, we had enough to live off without any problems. I can finally sleep at night without that constant worry.

I discovered the FIRE movement and the philosophy of spending less than you earn, investing in low cost Index funds through my stocks and shares ISA and pension and creating assets.

Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef, also teaches us about using assets to earn money, it’s the best form of income. If you can’t work you have assets that support you. Spending 3 days in her positive energy was amazing, I’m so happy to have had this chance.


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