Write That Book

I’m on a journey at the moment, a journey to see if I can write everyday for 17 minutes at least.

Usually once I start writing I don’t want to stop, but actually getting here to the keyboard is a nightmare.

I stand and look at the computer, and then I turn it on, I then pick up my phone. Why can’t I sit at the screen?

Have you ever tried to get up at 5am in the morning? I read a book about it a few years ago, and tried it twice, each time I got so much out of it and really enjoyed the time, but do you think I can convince myself to do it again? I also read a book about counting down from 5, then jump out of bed and greet the day with a “Yes I live to see another day!” My chimp mind is not convinced about that though, but I have used the count down to haul myself out of the bed. The other thing I read was to high five myself in the mirror, so I like to do that and then once I’ve managed that I can do a little jig and get into action.

So then my morning starts with a glass of lemon water and a teaspoon of a turmeric mix, that’s a Ayurvedic recipe to reduce inflammation in the body. I’ve been doing this for about four years now, I think it helps as I don’t really suffer aches and pains.

I then think, “I’ll do my morning meditation”, this consists of setting my alarm for 20 minutes, and sit in my comfy chair and first do an energy cleanse routine, followed by my loving kindness meditation. I send out love to my nan first, she’s a lovely lady and 94 years old, and then my friend Claire-Louise who is suffering at the moment. Then comes my family, and friends, my neighbours, my customers; at this point my mind wanders away to the awful reviews the cafe or the bunkhouse has received over the years, my mind likes to haunt me, or is it taunt me, “You say you love all your customers, but what about that review from last year, blah blah blah.” I then catch myself and pull myself back to start over, and this time I manage to get past the customers and move onto Devon, then the UK, then the world. Sometimes at this point my mind wanders again, so I have to pull myself back to the mediation and start to count my breaths, and deepen the breath.

After my alarm sounds for the twenty minutes, I then get up and go for a run, or on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings it is a HIIT session that lasts for 18 minutes, this is a new one I’ve been doing for eight weeks. It’s for metabolic renewal, as I’m in the menopause I need to get the HGH going, and I intend on keeping strong for as long as possible. I like to practice yoga everyday, so will use a twenty minute yoga session as a cool down for either the HIIT or the run.

Today I’m here writing this, so this was way more than 17 minutes, but it’s all very factual isn’t it, I need to be more creative>>> I think too much.

Prologue – My Dreams Have Wings – A Novel

(November 1917) A small slim figure in a black dress and white apron hurried into the room. ‘Please sir, come quick, madam needs you, it’s happening.’ 

‘What, what… oh no, it’s too soon, she’s not due for another month, what on earth are we going to do, will we need Doctor Matthews do you think, this storm, it’s so fierce… should I go for him now?’  Leonard Harrison looked at Susie for guidance.

‘Well sir, if you don’t mind, can you come and see madam first and see what you think?’  Susie was twiddling her fingers through her apron.

‘OK, you lead, is she still in bed?

‘That is where I left her sir, but you know madam, she might be anywhere.’  Susie rushed up the first flight of stairs with Leonard following close behind her.

Dorathea was standing on the first-floor landing, her nightgown covered in blood and she was trembling.  ‘Len darling, the baby is coming, but I can’t feel it moving anymore, it was kicking, but now… well the pain came, and then the blood.’

Len grabbed her by the arm and led her back to her bedroom.  ‘Let’s get you back to bed.’  Turning to Susie, ‘can you get towels and hot water?’ 

‘We’ll have to go and get the doctor, I think that will be best don’t you dearest?’

‘But the storm Len, is it safe to go out in this weather?’  Dorathea asked with fear in her eyes.

‘The storm is the least of our worries, right now we need to make sure that you and the baby are OK, so we need Doctor Matthews.’  He helped her into her bed, he felt a rush of nausea as he saw the blood, but tried to hold it all together.  ‘I’ll be back as soon as I can, I promise.’  He hobbled down the stairs and reached for the telephone, listening for the operator, but no click, he clicked the receiver again, ‘hello, operator are you there?’ the only response was a crackle.  ‘Hello, operator, please, I need to get through to Doctor Matthews.’  Still nothing except for the crackling, it seemed to be getting fainter.  Nothing for it, I’ll have to go in my car.  ‘Heston, Heston.’  Leonard called for his manservant.

‘Yes sir?’  Heston appeared from the back kitchen door into the front vestibule, doing up his top button.

‘Oh thank god, Heston, can you help me get the car ready please, I need to go for Doctor Matthews, Mrs Harrison is having the baby…’

‘What, now?  In this perishing weather, sir there’s a blizzard blowing out there, are you sure we can’t do something for her ourselves, Mrs Smeethe had twelve of the little blighters, I’ll go and get her for you, she can deliver any baby in any condition.’

‘OK Heston, I’ll get the motor running myself, you get Mrs Smeethe, but hurry, can you keep trying the operator when you get back, I’ll still need to get the doctor, I have an awful feeling about this.’

Leonard battled his way out to the garage and managed to open the doors.  He picked up the crank handle and cranked the engine, it started into life, he hopped into the driver’s seat, adjusted his hat and made off at top speed.  The road conditions were atrocious, he was slipping, and skidding all over, he slowed down, and it was difficult to see through the snow, the road had disappeared under a fresh white blanket.  He arrived outside the doctor’s house, carefully lifted himself out of the motorcar and knocked on the door, ‘Doctor Matthews, Doctor Matthews, please hurry, it’s an emergency.’

The front door opened a crack and a little maid’s head poked out, ‘yes sir, how can I help you?’

‘My wife has gone into labour; she’s still got a month to go.’

‘Oh dear, I’ll raise the doctor for you, sir, please come in out of the cold.’

Leonard hobbled into the hallway and stamped his foot to shake the snow from his boot.

Doctor Matthews appeared at the top of the stairs, ‘let me get my bag, I’ll follow you in my motorcar.’

‘Please doctor, my motor is running outside, I’ll drive you now.’

He descended the stairs, ‘OK, lead the way.’  Doctor Matthews pulled on his boots and picked up his bag.

Entering Dorathea’s bedroom, the doctor called to Mrs Smeethe to come away, ‘Mrs Smeethe, thank you so much for coming out to help, can you tell me the present condition please?’  Laying his bag down, Doctor Matthews proceeded to take off his hat and coat.

‘She has lost a lot of blood doctor, no sign of the baby yet, but the baby is OK, it’s a little fighter this one.’  Mrs Smeethe sucked in her breath.

Leonard sat in Jerry’s nursery holding his son in a warm embrace.

‘Mama will be OK won’t she dada?’  Tears welled in his amber eyes.

‘Sure sparky, she’ll be fine, and later tonight or in the morning, you’ll have a brand new baby brother or sister, won’t that be wondrous.’

‘Sure thing dada, I want a little brother though, and mama did promise me one.’

‘We can’t promise a thing like that, you’ll be over the moon if it’s a sister though, surely?  Or would you rather we sent her away?’  Leonard enjoyed teasing his son, he always rose to the bait.

‘Oh no dada, we shan’t send her away, I’ll cherish her and look after her, there are so many things I want to show her.  But if it’s a brother, oh boy, oh boy, we’ll have such fun, won’t we dada?’  Jerry’s eyes expanded at the thought, his mind whirling at a million miles an hour.

‘Good boy.’  Leonard hugged him closer, ‘we’ll just wait here for the news shall we?’

‘OK dada.’

‘Will you share a cigar with me, and a tot of whiskey do you think?’

‘Oh dada, you are silly, I’m only 5, I’m not allowed, mama wouldn’t let me.’

‘Oh, yes of course old chap, I keep forgetting.’  Leonard ruffled Jerry’s hair and kissed him on the forehead, ‘silly dada.’

The door burst open. ‘Sir, please come quick.’  Susie looked terrified.

‘OK Jerry you stay here with Susie, she’ll keep you company won’t you Susie?’

‘Yes sir, course.’  She sat on the bed and Jerry crawled onto her lap.

Leonard took a deep breath and opened his wife’s bedroom door.  He could see her lying quite still in the bed, holding a bundle.  He crept closer, the doctor moved out of his way and walked to the dresser and began to wash his hands.  Leonard fell to his knees.

‘Len, darling look we have a daughter, can we call her Phillipa do you think, after my father?’

‘But of course darling, anything for you dear heart.’

The doctor crossed the room, ‘just a moment sir,’ and gestured for Leonard to follow him outside.  ‘Your wife has lost an awful lot of blood, the next couple of hours are crucial, but I need to tell you, sir, it doesn’t look good for either of them, there are no guarantees, she’s very weak after enduring the labour.  The girl is underweight and tiny, to survive the night will be a miracle, you must keep her warm, the best place would be strapped to Mrs Harrison.  God willing all will be fine, but also, I need to warn you, the girl may have difficulties if she were to live, what with her being premature.’  He appealed to Leonard for understanding.

‘OK Doctor, thank you for everything, I’ll ask Heston to drive you home.’

‘Mrs Smeethe will stay for as long as required.’  The doctor put on his coat.

‘Yes, I’ll see if she needs a break.’  Leonard shook the doctor’s hand and walked back into his wife’s bedroom.

‘Mrs Smeethe, you can have a break if you’d like, I’ll see to her.’

Mrs Smeethe nodded, walked slowly and left the room.

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the tiny face of his daughter, ‘Dorathea darling, how are you feeling?’

‘Oh Leonard I’m so tired, will you hold Phillipa for me, just for a little while.’  Her voice was so cracked and slight, that he found it difficult to hear her.

Leonard picked up his daughter and she blinked up at him, her eyes like dark sapphires, ‘she has your eyes darling.’  He opened his jacket and shirt and placed her within, the body heat and extra layers would help to keep her warm. 

‘We’ve got to be careful with her, the doctor says that we need to keep her warm, she doesn’t have enough body weight to keep herself warm.’  Leonard smiled and looked back at Dorathea, her head fell to the side, and she was gone.

Morning Pages

Paragraph – Start with the building block of all narrative

ok, I will start with a paragraph and see if I can keep writing.

I go for a run in the morning, it’s usually a 2 mile gentle jog. I can then appreciate the Tarka trail and all the birds singing, and be thankful that I have this amazing resource on my doorstep.

I greet the day with enthusisam and gratitude for this body that has the strength to complete the run, and for the mind that tells me to go, you’ll enjoy it once you’re out there, I promise.

The Tarka Trail – sunny October morning @YardeOrchard East Yarde, Torrington, Devon


About 30 minutes later and I’m back to do a lovely meditation and 30 minute yoga session, usually with Adriene on YouTube. She’s such a sweetheart, always makes me laugh, and I love it when she tells me to smile.


I have a whole cafeteria of coffee with oat milk in my travel mug, this is so that it doesn’t get cold too quick. I learnt this trick when I was in the office and I would end up having to microwave my mug of coffee about 4 times before I had the chance to drink it. So these days I use my trusty travel mug, it keeps it warm for about 4 hours. This always reminds me of when I first had Alice, but I learnt to drink cold coffee in those days.

Financial freedom university – the day after

I just spent 3 days with a lovely bunch of freaks. I’m not normal in my frugal life, I know this as when I talk to anyone about Finance they just glaze over. So to get to spend my time with “others just like me” is always a joy, talking money and finance and business and success. We spent time learning about what we value and what we focus on, what we feed to give our juicy life meaning. I got to play a bongo drum within an orchestra of other ffu’ers teaching me that I can’t do this thing called life all by myself, I need a team around me to make the best kind of music.

I love to invest my money in my education, travelling and ETF’s.

I’m learning how to spread bet which is a massive learning curve, mostly its about mindset and teaching my brain to not react in the flight or fight mode when my share price falls, it’s not about winning and losing, its about pattern recognition and risk management.

I’ve always been a saver, but after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and Transforming Debt into Wealth 12 years ago, my life changed. I remortgaged my home and bought an investment property, I set up our family budget for monthly expenses and set to work sticking to my plan. I was determined to be free of debt and earn income from assets instead of trading my time for money. It was a a-ha moment. 2 years ago I became debt free including my mortgage, I’d achieved my goal in 10 years. These last 2 years of no money worries has been life changing. I have an emergency fund, which meant that when my husband hurt his back last year and had 6 weeks off work, we had enough to live off without any problems. I can finally sleep at night without that constant worry.

I discovered the FIRE movement and the philosophy of spending less than you earn, investing in low cost Index funds through my stocks and shares ISA and pension and creating assets.

Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef, also teaches us about using assets to earn money, it’s the best form of income. If you can’t work you have assets that support you. Spending 3 days in her positive energy was amazing, I’m so happy to have had this chance.


Financial Freedom University

silver and gold coins

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wealthy Your Way

What’s up folks, I’m posting on my blog that’s what’s up… wonders will never cease.

Tomorrow is the start of the 3 fun filled days of FFU Live London 2018

In the last 12 years I’ve discovered that there are 3 strategies for earning money:

1. Trading your time for money, used by 96 percent of the population. It’s the worst kind of way to earn money. It never works because you run out of time.

Doesn’t matter how effective you are, or how much you earn in an hour, you’re going to run out of time.

2. Invest your money to earn money. If you’re going to invest money, you really need to know what you’re doing or go to somebody that has proved that they know what they’re doing.  This is where The Wealth Chef Ann Wilson comes in.

3. Setting up multiple sources of income. This is used by one percent of the population, and they hold 96 percent of all the world’s wealth.  I want to earn money while I am sleeping and it’s never been easier than it is today with the Internet. This is where The Wealth Chef Ann Wilson comes in and this is why I’m attending FFU for the next three days.

I’m going to post updates and photos from the three days, looking forward to meeting all the lovely FFU’ers.

For anybody that wants to learn more about FFU and Ann Wilson head over to her website, she gives tonnes of free stuff away as well as her paid for training.

Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef


Stock Market Trading – progress?

anto chart 6-4-17


So here is a chart I have been looking at due to it being on the watchlist, and I want to see if I can trade this correctly.
My trade analysis goes something like this:>

1. FTSE is in an up trend and so is this share
2. Sector – Mining – is in a bit of a side way movement at the moment, but generally in an Up trend
3. Main chart behaviour – Up trend

4. Trend lines – up trend line and the last resistance line 865 and the previous resistance line 840 – watching for a break back up through 840 then there could be a move of over 100 as the drop so far could go back up to the High of the year of 904

anto 12-4-17

5. Moving Averages, 20 and 50 Exponential, it should be above them in an uptrend
6. Chart patterns looking for reversals or continuations
7. Indicators should be showing buy signals or sell signals. Volumne should be 2 times bigger than normal, MACD 5,35,5 should be accelerating up or down
8. Conclusion – don’t buy it yet, have to wait for it to bounce off the trend line, or break through it.

Stock Market Trading

So I’m at it again.  What?  I’m attempting to start trading in the stock market again.  Four years ago I went on a two-day training course that taught me all about spread betting.  I then spent four weeks losing money and fretting and worrying and sleepless nights chasing down the elusive perfect trade.

What?  I’m attempting to start trading in the stock market again.  Four years ago I went on a two-day training course that taught me all about spread betting.  I then spent four weeks losing money and fretting and worrying and sleepless nights chasing down the elusive perfect trade.

Four years ago I went on a two-day training course that taught me all about spread betting. I then spent four weeks losing money, and fretting, and worrying, and sleepless nights, chasing down the elusive perfect trade.


Yes, you heard me right, I’m attempting to start trading in the stock market again, but this time will be different, as I am a completely different person now.

I had four sessions with a professional Forex trader who analyzed my bodged trades, pointing out the mistakes I’d made, and how to correct them moving forward.

Well, how did I do?  I’ll tell you.  I gave up and retreated into my cupboard of doom never to return to the trading platform again, or I did return to the trading platform one more time after I received an email from them saying that the final £9.50 in my account had been written off because I hadn’t done any trading in that year, oh! the final insult.

So now what?

So now I have attended another two-day stock market investment course, thinking this time it’ll be different because I have my head in the right place. Well, most of the two days were taken up with the very nice gentleman talking about how wonderful his life is now that he is a multi-millionaire, bully for you, he then went on to say about how he had turned his life around with stock market trading, spending years learning and crafting his skill.

Well I’m in the right place then surely?

The very nice gentleman tried to convince a room full of eighty people that he could take us on his apprenticeship course for £9000 and he would ensure we earnt one million pounds under his guidance.  It won’t be easy, it’s a lot of hard work, but we would get there with his wisdom and under his millionaire wing.

Well, did you sign up?

No, I faltered, I was trying to look at the £9000 as an investment in my abilities to follow orders.  But, I know me, I don’t do following orders very well, I’m a maverick, or something ending with “ick” at any rate.

I came home feeling a little light headed, have I dodged a bullet or have I passed up the opportunity of a life time?

So Monday morning arrives and there is an email in my inbox, I get about one hundred a day, so I wasn’t surprise to see emails per say, but this one said, “I’ve held a place for you Michelle”, so this time I hit the credit card and joined her.

Oh yes, I signed up to Financial Freedom University, Ann Wilson and her team will guide me through the world of personal finance so I can become financially free hopefully, so won’t feel a complete failure for not parting with the £9000 for the very nice gentleman’s trading course.

I am very optimistic, I’ve completed the first module, and so far so good, but I am only two days in, so watch this space.


Well hello there little one, I’ve been waiting for you for so long, and now you’ve arrived.

I must say you are not what I was expecting, I’m not very baby orientated, I always think babies are ugly little weird looking things, but then you….

Your eyes are so big and you are looking at me with a puzzled look, little brow furrowed like newly tilled field.  What are you looking at? Have you spotted something over there?  Your Daddy is over there, look.

Can you hold my finger, do you want to hold my finger?  There you go, you’ve clung on now.  Such little tiny perfect fingers, like my fingers, only teenie tiny.  Your finger nails are so perfect, like seashells on the beach, so clean.

I want you to know you are loved beyond measure, I will protect you from everything, your life before mine, always and forever.

New edition of Writing Magazine

Oh, I love it, that time of month when the new edition drops onto my doormat.

This month I can look forward to 40 great ideas to fuel my creativity.

An insider’s guide to crime writing.

Story telling secrets of this year’s Oscar winners.

But the bit that I can’t wait to devour is Joanne Harris’s article – Write the book YOU want.

Oh, hurry up bedtime, I can’t wait to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate, a piece of apple pie and Writing Magazine.

I love it, honest gov would I lie to you?